TC Engineering’s new system for slotting of anodes is now in operation. The system is based upon TC’s high tech saw technology and manipulator unit for handling of anodes during positioning and slotting operation.

TC have developed a highly flexible system for slot cutting. TC’s saw technology is combined with Lyng Drillings cutting technology. Instead of cutting slots in the transport line for the anode we are picking the anode out from the line, slotting it and putting it back in the line again.  Slotting can then be done without interfering with the existing handling system.

By the use of TC’s flexible manipulator for anodes the anode may be slotted along, across or diagonal.  One, two or three slots may be created and distance between the slots can be varied easily.

The system also creates possibilities for variation of slot depth during slotting. The slot may go right through the anode, or it might be “open” at one side only.

The TC system may slot with a surface temperature for the anode up to 250°C. Feeding and saw blade speed may be varied, but optimised values will be given by our saw blade supplier who has a long term experience in this field.  The system may be supplied with a complete two step dust handling system as well as noise and dust enclosure.